In the year 1977 radio amateurs of the German Federal Republic who in the past used to serve in radio communication of the German navy, established the group “Marinefunker-Runde”, or, “Still operating former navy radio operators group”. However, during 30 years of existence the club turned then into the association “Marinefunker-Runde e.V.” (or: “MF-Runde e.V.”).

The association welcomed soon as members radio operators of the merchant fleet, fishing fleet and other fleets as well as radio operators of maritime and official communication services. Pleasure boat skippers with sea licence and amateur radio licence were also entitled to get a MF-Runde membership. Prerequisite is any way an amateur radio licence both as transmitting radio amateur or as a shortwave listener. Our constitution allows also in some extraordinary cases a very limited number of non-maritime radio amateurs, and, of course, disabled radio amateurs as members. Also members of museum ship radio crews are entitled to get a MF-Runde membership.

The change of the association was 2006 clearly evident, when a former merchant fleet radio officer has been elected as Chairman instead of so far navy origin members.

MF-Runde e.V. cooperates with Deutscher Amateur Radio Club (DARC) and Deutscher Marinebund (DMB), and, participates at the Amateur Radio Round Table (RTA).

As a fellowship of radio amateurs we get regularly together in a number of radio nets. Although many of us maintain with a passion their skills of radio telegraphy (CW), our major phone (SSB) radio net at Sunday mornings shows that the number of “speakers” predominates.

During weekends we transmit at Saturdays (CW) and Sundays (SSB) a quite informative weekly bulletin. For this we did establish a system of Traffic Masters (TM) who handle the net participant’s registrations, the transmission of the bulletin and the participant’s confirmations (ZAP).

Highlights of our association’s life are our several days lasting annual meetings, and the annual MF-Runde Radio Activity Weekend. MF-Runde issues a serie of attractive maritime awards. In cooperation with international sister societies we participate actively in international maritime radio events, e.g. the Naval Contest.

MF-Runde has worldwide more than 380 members – among them several radio stations on-board museum ships.



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