International Museumship Activities

International Museum Ship Radio Event 2018

02nd  to  03rd June




The Museum Ships Event is again sponsered by the BNJARS "The Battleship New Jersey Amateur Radio Station" who decided the following dates and times:

June 02nd 00:01z   to   June 03rd 23:59z


Ships wishing to participate should send a note to  museum (at)  with the name of ship, callsign, location, qsl info and contact info for person responsible.

As every year we do expect the participation of  naval ships, lightships, steamships, research vessel and merchant ships. Several German MF Runde museum ships have already accepted to register their participation at NJ2BB. Among them are the freighter "CAP SAN DIEGO" (DLØMFH), the tug boat "Seefalke" (DKØSN), the submarine "U995" (DLØDMB), the missile corvette "Hans Beimler" (DLØMFN) as well as the Naval Airship Museum station OZØMF and/or 5PØMF from OZ.

All stations that work at least   15  different ships of those participating will receive a certificate if they send a copy of their log entries showing these contacts. Working the same ship on different frequencies DOES NOT count as 2 ships. Certificate is 8.5 X 11". Please either send $3.00 to cover costs or send a large enough envelope with enough postage. Certificates should not be folded.

Send certificate requests to:
Margaret Burgess, KB2BRR
150 Schooner Ave
Barnegat, NJ 08005

All certificate requests must be received by September 30th, 2018.

It may take a while to get certificates mailed as we have to wait for the logs from the ships to come in.

A list of participating ships  is permanently available on the website of  USS "NEW JERSEY" - pse see:  or in PR - see also >MF<.

Remark: This is neither a MF Event nor a contest !

All informations without engagement !



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