MF CW champion

MF-CW-Champion 2016


MF-Runde e.V. will organize

Tue 16th February 2016   18:30 - 20:30 CET (local time)
(In this part of the contest only straight keys are permitted, no wobblers, no el-Bugs)


Tue 15th November 2016   18:30 - 20:30 CET (local time)
(For this part of the contest all keyers are permitted)

its MF-CW short contest.


The classes of the MF-CW-Champion are:

    1.  QRP stations with max 5W output
    2.  stations with max 100W output
    3.  stations with more than 100W output
    4.  SWL

It is now possible that for the operator of a Club station his personel MF No. will be additional valid as a QSO point. Of course, this Op cannot submit a 2nd log, additionally to the Club station log. This demands sportsmenship and makes equivalent evaluation only possible.

All other MF stations which submit a MF No. maintain this number during both parts of the contest.

Conditions to work:

1. Participation of all amateur radio stations is permitted.

2. Every station is to be evaluated once a time.

3. Action takes part only in the 80m band from 3510 to 3560 kHz.

4. The only mode is morse telegraphy (CW / A1A).

5. Calling: CQ MF Test

Information exchange:

 MF members:  RST/MF member number   e.g. 599MF999 
 MF Club stations:  RST/MF member number   e.g. 599MF1000 
 Non-members:   RST/consequent QSO number  e.g. 599 001
 SWLs  must log both stations completely  


Each QSO with MF 10 points, with non-MF 1 point


Each MF no. 1 point once in each contest part.


Sum of QSO points x multiplier points
The final contest result is the addition of the both contest parts results.


1. An activity log list in chronological order incl. transmitted and receiced rapports and
    containing a Fair Play Statement. Paper logs need the signature of the Op
    (an example form sheet is downloadable). Club stations have to list all operators in the log.

2. It is expected that the sender of the log already makes a feasible calculation of the
    total score.

3. The submitted log list may be sent by snail mail in paper form or
    as email enclosure in TXT, DOC, XLS, Cabrillo formats.
    The data name should be call and contest class, e.g. DF5LW-2.
    Logs by e-mail should use the call and class in the subject line.
    Received logs will be confirmed with e-mail.


For electronic logging we suggest the software „HAMNAVAL“ of ARCOMM company (HAMNAVAL.ZIP abt 1.4MB), which is downloadable as freeware from the following link .

This software was originally created for the "International Naval Contest (INC)", but it is ideal also for the MF short contest because within you'll find all the MF member no's. (for this pupose also the file HOCALL.ZIP is to download, abt 2.2 MB). An automatic final and easy calculation is integrated.


Summary sheet as download

MF-CW-Champion (RTF)


Submit to:

Wolfram Pechau (DF5LW)
Am Winkel 10
24983 Handewitt

mailto: mf-contest (at)

Deadline is each 3 weeks after the end of each part of the contest.

Operators who only worked a few QSOs are asked to make available their logs too as check logs only.

After the final evaluation (end of both parts of the contest) the three best stations of each class will get a special price. All other participants will be send a famous QSL card for rememberance.

THROPHY  MF-CW-Champion 2016 (results)  THROPHY

Rang Call Total
1  DL9GTI   3121
2  OE6NFK   2650
3  DK7FX   2600
  Low Power:  
Rang Call Total
1  DF4BV   10516
2  DF5LW   5607
3  DL3RHN   5567
  High Power:  
Rang Call Total
1  DF8LD   8637
3  OE4PWW   8162
2  DJ2IT   7202
Rang Call Total
1  OE-1001007   1194
  Check log:  
Rang Call Total

All results as download (PDF)

Note: Process of law is excluded!

All informations without engagement !

Our   KEY7   congrats!




In the year 2014 there will not take part a MF CW contest

From the year 2017 no more MF CW champion will take place.


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